Nullification: A Constitutional History

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Walter Kirk Wood, professor of history at Alabama State University and expert on the principle of nullification, explains the history of nullification in the American Constitutional tradition, a federal system as a check on arbitrary, centralized power, Imperium in Imperio and the American colonies, the three prominent nullification movements in early American history, James Madison’s “report of 1800,” Madison as the father of nullification and his notes on the Constitutional Convention, the extended-republic of the anti-federalists, how nullification acts as a check on central power and is inherent in a federal system, how nullification was virtually lost for over a century, its return in recent history, America’s first freedom as freedom from government, and more.

Nullification: A Constitutional History (vol 1)

Nullification: A Constitutional History (vol 2)

Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

Virginia Resolution of 1798

Current Nullification Efforts


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