Inherent righteousness / Imputed Righteousness

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C. It helps us to understand this better if we see the
difference between imputed righteousness and inherent righteousness.

  1. inherent righteousness is:
    1. Good moral deeds you do for God.
    2. Good transformations God brings about in your
    3. It is a goodness that resides in you. It is internal
      to you.
  2. Imputed righteousness is:
    1. A righteousness that is external to you.
    2. A righteousness that was achieved by somebody
      and given to you.
    3. This righteousness consists in Christ’s perfect
      obedience (Romans 5:15-19).

D. Again, in justification God declares us righteous not on
the basis of inherent righteousness, but on the basis of imputed
righteousness. Your righteousness in justification does not
consist of any transformation that God has brought about in your
character, or any good works that you do. Rather, it consists of
what Christ did in your behalf.

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